Product Instructions


Instructions for Using

RediFlame Fire Logs

  • Take one of your Fire Logs and break it into several small pieces.
  • Stack pieces loosely in a pyramid form.
  • Put the RediFlame Fire Starter into the pyramid, leaving an end exposed.
  • Light exposed end of Fire Starter.
  • Add additional Fire Logs to build your desired fire and ENJOY!


Instructions for Using

RediFlame Fire Starters

  • Place one or more RediLight Fire Starters underneath wood products.
  • Simply ignite with matches or lighter.

RediLight Fire Starters work great with RediFlame Skeeter Logs, RediFlame Fire Logs and RediFlame Wood Grillers!


Instructions for Using

RediFlame Wood Grillers

  • Place RediFlame RediLight Fire Starter on Wood Grillers.
  • Build a pyramid of Wood Grillers against and over the RediFlame RediLight Fire Starter. Leave some starter exposed.
  • Light exposed end of RediFlame RediLight Fire Starter. Allow for proper ventilation.
  • Allow to burn strongly. Spread once gray and start grilling!

If product is not used in full, please seal or store in a dry place.


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